125 graduated from house fellowship training: Our God is a counting God – Oduwole

National coordinator of the Redeemed Christian Church of God House Fellowship Unit, Pastor Tunde Oduwole has emphasized on the fact that God is always interested in the growth of His church.

Pastor Oduwole, represented by Assistant Pastor Mrs Sam Kayode made this assertion during the unit Region 4 leaders maiden graduation programme held recently at the regional headquarter parish in Ilorin.

In his address on the theme titled “House Fellowship as a Caring and Discipling Tool” Pastor Oduwole said that the essence of house fellowship is to stimulate church growth.

“It is no gain saying the fact that our God is a counting God. He is interested in the growth of His church. He has keen interest in growth – spiritual as well as numerical growth.” Oduwole stressed.

Pastor Oduwole charged the graduands to be effective and efficient as ministers or House fellowship leaders in the course of their ministerial responsibilities.

In his opening remark, the coordinator of House fellowship in the region and the Church Growth Officer Pastor Jolayemi acknowledged all the cleric icons in attendance and those on their way.

Pastor Jolayemi described House Fellowship as a potent tool for strengthening the church Acts 2:42-47.

“House Fellowship is a strong weapon and an outfit where the love of Christ can be expressed to church members, and thus making them better disciples.” Jolayemi added.

The graduation was preceded a couple of day with seminar where stake holders in the unit made strategic topic presentations.

Pastor in charge of region 4, Pastor Ezekiel Afolayan extensively talked on house fellowship as a caring and discipling tool. He outlined the importance of house fellowship as to mature the saints, a platform for caring, equipping and judging disciples.

He charged the audience not to view “House Fellowship” as peripheral rather as central to the life of the church.

In his presentation on “Discipling members in the twenty first century church,” pastor in charge of Kwara Province 2, Pastor Alabi Adekunle highlighted the traits of a Christian disciple as putting Jesus first in all things, follow Jesus teaching, fruitfulness, love for other disciples and evangelism.

Pastor Alabi also identified the process for discipleship which according to him are through conservation, teaching, preaching, mentoring, training and delegation.

Pastor Joseph Bankole, talking on “The expected qualities of a caring house fellowship leader” said house fellowship assignment should not be seen a relegated one. He said, every faithful leader would be surely rewarded.

“Whoever has not been under authority can never be an authority 1 Tim.3:1-5” Bankole asserted.

He mentioned a number of qualities that a caring house fellowship leader must possess. These include vision, discipline, ever joyful and peaceful. Others are hardworking, creativity, informed, proactivity, integrity and flexibility among others.

Pastor in charge of Kwara Province 3 pastor Obiwusi John, in his own presentation, emphasized on the need for the teaching at the conference to ignite fire of revival at the various house fellowship centres.

Speaking on “House Fellowship in Partnership with CSR Department” The APICP (CSR) Kwara 1, Pastor Yemi Oyinloye described House fellowship activities as a grass root based ministry aimed at impacting not only on members but community at large.

According to him it is expedient for the church through the house fellowship centers to render social services to the community.

Pastor Akindunni, Church Growth Officer for Kwara province 3 spoke on “House Fellowship as a care center.

In his word he identified care evangelism as the most effective evangelism. He said for you to win the attention of a hungry man there is need to give him food (physical food) before offering him the message of salvation (spiritual food)

“Considering the level of hardship in our society such as poverty, hunger, disappointment, depression, failure and many others, a little measure of care will go along way to put smile on people’s faces thus spur love for the gospel of our Lord Jesus.”Akindunni stated.

“Every human being needs succor and it would be great thing if our House Fellowship centres can be turn into one.” He submitted.

Pastor M. A. Akerele, Church Growth Officer for Kwara Province 4 said house fellowship is expected to help in church planting by translating centre to full-fledged parishes.

The programme culminated to the award of certificate of participation to 125 graduands with Fadayitan Oluyemi emerging as the overall best student having scored 200 out of the 240 total marks at training final examination.

Others at the occasion were Pastor Olukolatimi (APICP, Admin, Kwara 1), Pastor Sam Kayode, Kwara 4 House fellowship Provincial coordinator, Pastor Fabiyi and other Provincial Coordinators in the region.