What you must pay attention to when using a baby high chair

Children are unique and need attention in full circle. Be it at home or on transit, their accessories should be safer and comfortable. In this regard, before buying a baby highchair, parents have to consider a raft of safety measures. They not only keep the baby safe, but also aid in the baby’s growth. Parents and caregivers who use them should also know how they work, and not overly depend on them for comfort.

Factors to Consider when Using a Baby’s Highchair


Babies grow rapidly between 0 to 5 years. A smart parent should consider the following, with respect to time, when purchasing a highchair

  • Sitting – when their back starts becoming firm, and they can sit unaided, it is the best time to introduce a highchair. This is usually between 5 to 8 months, depending on the child’s wellbeing.
  • Feeding – since feeding is a cumbersome activity, a highchair helps maintain the baby’s body posture. It also has its table where food is placed. However, ensure the baby is well strapped, and the parent or caregiver is around to monitor.


Every good created within the European Union must be satisfied by the national standardisation body. Since all the national standardisation bodies follow the same formula, all cross-border goods can be used within the EU member state. As the caregiver, ensure the baby’s wood highchair has passed all the manufacturing standards, and are safe for use. If you are English, look out for BS 14988-1 that regulated the making of highchairs.


Considering age and materials, the preferred baby’s high chair should have the following:-

  • Broad base – to maintain stability and to avoid toppling in case of an accident.
  • Removable trays – it helps adjust the distance between the child trays, making feeding and cleaning easy.
  • Adjustable – as the baby grows, the high chair should have allowances to adjust. The allowance also helps to customise to suit different baby activities.
  • Folding – to reduce spaces when storing, a foldable baby high chair is ideal. It can fit it a car boot, in the storeroom or a sitting room corner.
  • Adequate ground clearance – to avoid the baby stepping on food or any other dirt.
  • Combination – if the parent can get a high chair with a table and chair, it is not only cheap, but useful in the long run. A child can play or feed on it.

Safety Measures

For active children, ensure the highchair maintain the following safety measures:-

  • No pointed corners – avoiding injuries.
  • Does not have plastic – prevent suffocation or ingestion
  • Always clean – surfaces the baby touches should be clean at all times.
  • Strong material – it ensures that it does not crumble on the weight of the baby.
  • Regularly checked – tighten loose bolts, oil rusty wheels and sew up torn cloth to keep it in good shape.